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Ana Lía

Singer - Actor - Songwriter - Performing Artist

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Ana Lía's highly anticipated debut album, Cíclica, explores various stages of life that come and go, as cycles do. Cíclica is genre-bending, fun, reflective, romantic and empowering.


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About Gandío

Gandío is an old Dominican slang that refers to someone greedy and selfish. They always want more despite already having enough and they don't care if others don't have any.
This song is an empowerful hymn of unity against the "gandíos".



Ana Lía lights up a room. Her voice captivates audiences with its bright, rich, and warm tone, as she impersonates the soul of each song in a way that transcends spoken language. She is vibrant, effortlessly charming, and her performances a delightful blend of powerful, emotional and fun. A Dominican-Canadian, Ana Lía’s childhood and adolescence in Santo Domingo, was surrounded by a diversity of music genres. Rhythmic Dominican and Latin songs, jazz, Spanish and English pop, R&B, flamenco, hip-hop, and even classical, shaped the way she crafts music today.

The first time she sang in front of an audience was at a family retreat. The MC encouraged anyone who would like to sing a hymn to go on the stage. To the surprise of the audience, it was eight-year- old Ana Lía who grabbed the mic and sang in perfect pitch and a sweet, bright voice. As she walked back to her seat, she regretted having let go of the mic.

Ana Lía’s love for the performing arts was undeniable. Her parents enrolled her in acting, singing and dance classes and she started writing songs and performing for her neighbours. After graduating high school, she came to Toronto and studied at Randolph College for the Performing Arts, where she received classical vocal training and graduated in 2012 as a triple-threat artist. After Randolph, Ana Lía studied with various renowned Flamenco vocalists from Andalusia, Spain, and performed across Ontario with top Canadian Flamenco dance companies. In March 2015, she joined the rumba-funk band, Santerias, as lead vocalist and performed at multiple festivals around Ontario, releasing their first EP album “Hurricane” in 2018.

In 2020, Ana Lía launched herself as a solo artist. After releasing six singles (Abul, Samaná, I Could Get Used To This, La Puerta, Sí. No. No sé., and Gandío), thanks to the support from Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR, she released her debut album "Cíclica" on June 23, 2023. In less than two years, she garnered on Spotify over 188K streams, more than 103K listeners, in 57 countries.

Cíclica was co-produced by two-time Dora-award winning music composer, Benjamin Barrile, and Rosendo "Chendy" León.


This up and coming firecracker is here to stay and infect us with her luminous energy.




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